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Each member of 4Till6 delivers high octane, energetic performances night after night, which are guaranteed to have dance floors alive and crowds eager for more. The band’s dedicated musicians, coupled with its versatility are quickly earning 4Till6 a reputation for being one of the most entertaining wedding bands around. Event holders can have every confidence that the band’s professional manner, attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm will ensure the show goes off without a hitch.

4Till6 are a dynamic six-piece wedding band with a widely diverse repertoire. Our set-lists span all decades and include genres such as R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Rock and of course classic and current Pop tunes. Take a look at our current set list here- we mix this up depending on the event. When you book us, feel free to send us any song requests in advance. We want to make the night as special as we can for you so don’t hesitate to ask…. we love a challenge!

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Gavin Sheridan

Gavin Sheridan


Heather Louri

Heather Lawrie


Ed Phelan

Ed Phelan


Jake Richardson

Jake Richardson


Ronan Name

Ronan Quinn


Conor Ray

Conor Ray



We have years of experience performing at weddings across the country but we are always honoured to be included in another couple’s special day. Our priority is to make your day, ensuring everything on our end runs smoothly; giving you one less thing to worry about.

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What we offer

We guarantee that we will create a lively, fun atmosphere and fill the dancefloor. We also offer ceremony music with lead singer Heather and Gavin, our guitarist. Check out The Lovely Strangers to see them in action! Furthermore, we can provide music for a drinks reception and a DJ for when the band finish up. We want to keep the party going! Contact us below for details on prices. Our booking agent, Ríona, is eager to help.


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Dublin, Ireland

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